Our Purpose, Vision, & Mission

We are a mission- driven movement that is multigenerational, multicultural, multiethnic.

Mission Statement

To proclaim the gospel, transform lives and make disciples for Jesus Christ.

Vision Statement

Guided by the Holy Spirit, and in the spirit of Radical Hospitality, we will transform lives by embracing, nurturing and serving children, youth, adults, and families in our church and our community. We will be advocates and prophetic voices in the community for all underserved and oppressed people – pursuing excellence in all we do.

We are a church committed to continuing our mission of reaching up to God and out into the community. We do this through our mission, vision, and core values.

Our Core Values

We Celebrate Our African Heritage and Culture Dynamic, Transformational, Spirit-filled Praise, and Worship.

We Embrace Diversity and Inclusiveness. The Caring and Nurturing of “The Village”.

We Educate Through: Reflective Study of the Scriptures. Supporting Academic Excellence & Higher Education.

We Dedicate Ourselves To: Community Involvement. The Struggle for Liberation & Social Justice. A Lifestyle of Stewardship, Prayer, and Spiritual Discipline. The Making of Disciples for Jesus Christ. A Ministry of Excellence.

BMCR is the organized Black Caucus of the United Methodist Church. We are one of the United Methodist denomination’s five U.S.-based ethnic caucuses.
BMCR represents and is dedicated to more than 2,400 Black United Methodist congregations and approximately 500,000 African American members across the United States.

The caucus is vital because of its:

keen concern for the future of African Americans in the denomination;
ability to advocate for the interests and inclusivity of Blacks in the general church structures,
exceptional nerve to serve as the spiritual agitating conscious of the church,
determination to raise up prophetic and spiritual leaders who will be advocates for the unique needs of Black people in The United Methodist Church.

United Methodist Basics: Who we are and what we believe.

The people of The United Methodist Church are part of the second largest Protestant denomination in the United States. Our worldwide connection includes approximately 12.5 million members.

The United Methodist Church was formed when the Methodist Church and the Evangelical United Brethren Church merged in 1968. But we trace our heritage back to the movement begun in 1729 in England by John and Charles Wesley.

The basic beliefs of the United Methodist Church include:

Triune God. God is one God in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
Scripture. The writings in the Old Testament and New Testament are the inspired word of God.
Sacraments. The UMC recognizes two sacraments: Baptism and Holy Communion. The Church generally practices infant baptism and recognizes baptisms from other denominations, and also practices open communion.
To read more on our faith : http://www.umc.org/what-we-believe/our-wesleyan-heritage

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